a list of my favorite template/workflow plug-ins and why I use them:

Dialogue EQ – Fab Filter Pro:

For my
dialogues (as it is native only, and precedes the native Cedar DNS One in my
chain), I love the look of the interface, it’s so clean and uncluttered. It is
very easy to use with and works very nicely with the Slate Raven touch
interace. I love the built in spectrum analyser. This plug-in sounds great and
is insanely flexible, with up to 24 bands, zero latency or linear phase – but
best of all, I LOVE the ability to be able to solo each band – it really helps
you get the Q right.

Noise Reduction – Cedar DNS One

The “daddy
of noise reduction”! The fastest way to whip out bad room tones, aircon or
lighting whines on your dialogues. I tend to use the Cedar on all my dialogue
tracks, post eq (so I can remove rumble and hiss), but pre dynamics. The Cedar
works best on sources where there is a reasonable signal to noise ratios. Again
– so fast with the Slate Raven touch screen.

Noise Reduction – Izotope RX3 Advanced

suite needs no introduction. I really like the de-clip and de-crackle, and
de-click modules too. I use the de-noiser when the original clip has a “noise
to signal” ratio rather than a signal to noise ratio. I always keep a safety
track with the un-rendered version on. When doing multiple renders with
different modules, I am careful to name each step in the process – so that I
can backtrack.

Dynamics: Sonnox Dynamics

so much dynamic control available, it has long been my favorite dymanics
plugin. It has bullet proof automation too, which is so vital in post. The
warmth control is magical – as is the post dymanics eq to add some sparkle back
to the highs.

post mixers don’t use dynamics at all, which to me seems some form of foolish
snobbery. There is no way you can ride the faders to millisecond accuracy. It
is not just about levels, I much prefer the sound of lightly dynamically
controlled dialogue. It sounds fuller ,fatter, tighter and all the overused
adjectives that music mixers use – enjoy!

Fabfilter Pro-DS

I have
now replaced my trusty Sonnox Suppressor with this as my go to De-Esser, as I
find it quicker to get great results. I do think however that the Sonnox is
more powerful as a general dynamic filter, as it has more control over the time
constants etc, but it takes longer to set up.

Music & FX Eq: Sonnox Eq

Sonnox EQ has great bullet-proof automation and a great, but flexable sound.
Used to be my only eq at all, but now nudged out in my dialogue channels by Fab
Filter Pro, due mainly to the spectrum analyser and the eq band solo function.
Still heavily used in my music and FX tracks though.

Stereo Tracks: Avid Time Adjuster

on my stereo tracks as a convenient ‘low dsp cost’ way of adjusting
differential gain/stereo balance.

Reverb: Exponential Audio R2/Phoenix

One of
the new kids on the block. Built by the former guru of Lexicon reverbs, Michael
Carnes. “What he doesn’t know about reverb isn’t worth knowing”. Awesome jaw
dropping sound, and very efficient too. Totally surpasses Revibe, and has a
HEAP of great presets. X2 GUI button really helps on Slate Raven for touch
control. Great use of mac short cuts to flick through presets. Intelligent design & totally lush.

Upmixing: ADL Penteo Pro 4

I have
just reviewed this for Audio Media. I love this plug-in. Fast, efficient
results that down-mix beautifully back to stereo – a total must for anyone in
Broadcast. Programmed for multi-touch with the Slate Raven.


I like
this on my mono and stereo FX tracks, and my music tracks when working in 5.1,
especially the up-mixed ones. Very easy interface to use on the Slate Raven.

for “whoosing out the up-mix” from mono front to 5.1, or from 5.1 and “whoosh
collapsing” to a mono center. Spanner has the ability to help you pan over the
picture overlay window, to make your pans very accurate. A little mentioned
feature is its offline audiosuite down-mixing ability. It’s DSP too – what’s
not to like?

True Peak Limiting: Nugen ISL

all things Nugen, “does what it says on the tin”. My set and forget true peak
limiter for my stems.

Loudness Metering: Nugen Audio VisLM

easiest to use, most user customizable, trustworthy loudness meter in the
business. period.

Peak Metering: PPMulator XL

habits die hard – my eyes and ears are very familiar with BBC peak metering,
due to my BBC heritage. A bit of an anachronistic comfort blanket really.

Mastering: Nugen Audio Visualizer

liking this new plug. Again, like all things Nugen, very customisable and
efficiently coded too, doesn’t bring a computer to its knees like Izotope’s

Nugen LM Correct

strictly a plug-in as it is either audiosuite or stand alone software, but I
use it most days. Once I have printed my stems, I measure my stems with LM
Correct Analyze.

Monitoring: Neyrinck Vmon

I use
this in combination with my Avid Omni for monitoring. Having been weaned on a
DFC and AMS Logic desks, I love stem monitoring. I have the ability to monitor
my DX (my dialogue bus), or to monitor my DX print stem, and flick between them
in PEC/Direct style monitoring – avoiding monitoring through record tracks
(which is a big no-no for delay compensation).


nifty Swiss Army knife utility for switching talkback on and off. It enables a
feature rather sadly missing with an Omni (Avid, what were you thinking?).

I use
this in conjunction with a 2Q wireless remote to give my producers a wireless
TB switch – which they love.

Source Nexus

not really an audio processing plug-in as such but another awesome Swiss Army
knife utility. I use this most days, as an audio router; either as a way to get
audio in and out of Pro-Tools, such as to Source-Connect Now or Source Live (so
that producers can listen in on the web) or a way of getting audio from some
other software into Pro Tools. Indispensable.


I have many more plug-ins in my armoury, some I like to use for sound design, like Audio Ease’s Speakerphone, Sound Toys Bundle, or Avid’s TL Space – but I won’t use them live in a mix as I can’t trust their automation.

Others that are new and are under test include the Nugen Stereoizer, Monfilter and Stereoplacer

Some plug-ins I am beta testing, so I can’t discuss

Note – no Waves plugs…..